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The following items from the conference can be downloaded:

Conference Presentations
PDF files of material presented by the following speakers:
   David J. Bartholomew
   Kenneth Bollen
   Michael Browne
   Robert Jennrich
   Lyle Jones
   Karl Jöreskog
   Robert MacCallum
   Jack McArdle
   Roger Millsap
   Irini Moustaki
   John Nesselroade
   Melanie Wall & Yasuo Amemiya
   Keith Widaman

Factor Analysis Genealogy
A group of students and faculty at the Thurstone Psychometric Lab assembled this genealogy showing academic backgrounds and relationships among individuals who have contributed to the field of factor analysis. The genealogy is not intended to be definitive or complete, and we would welcome any feedback or suggestions. We anticipate updating the genealogy a number of times.

Factor Analysis Timeline
The same group of students and faculty also assembled this timeline showing significant publications and events in the 100-year history of factor analysis. Again, we welcome feedback and suggestions and plan to update the timeline as more information is gathered.