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The following individuals spoke at the conference. Click on Topics to see individual abstracts.

David Bartholomew
London School of Economics
Topic: "Three Faces Of Factor Analysis"

R. Darrell Bock
University of Chicago
Topic: "Rethinking Thurstone"

Kenneth Bollen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Topic: "On the Origins of Latent Curve Models in the Factor Analysis and Growth Curve Traditions"

Michael W. Browne
Ohio State University
(Co-Author Guangjian Zhang, Ohio State University)
Topic: "Developments in the Factor Analysis of Single Time Series"

John Horn
University of Southern California
Topic: "Proving the Facts of the g Factor: Have We Essentially Ended the IQ Debate?"

Robert Jennrich
University of California Los Angeles
Topic: "Rotation Methods, Algorithms, and Standard Errors"

Lyle V. Jones
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Topic: "Remembering L. L. Thurstone"

Karl Jöreskog
Uppsala University, Sweden
Topic: "Factor Analysis and Its Extensions"

Robert MacCallum
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Topic: "Factor Analysis Models as Approximations"

Jack McArdle
University of Virginia
Topic: "Factor Analysis of Longitudinal and Repeated Measures Data"

Roger Millsap
Arizona State University
(Co-Author William Meredith, UC Berkeley)
Topic: "Factorial Invariance: Historical Trends and New Developments"

Irini Moustaki
Athens University of Economics and Business
Topic: "Factor Analysis and Latent Structure of Categorical Data"

John Nesselroade
University of Virginia
Topic: "Factoring at the Individual Level: Some Matters for the Second Century of Factor Analysis"

Melanie Wall
University of Minnesota
(Co-Author Yasuo Amemiya, IBM)
Topic: "A Review of Nonlinear Factor Analysis Methods and Applications"

Keith Widaman
University of California, Davis
Topic: "Common Factors versus Components: Principals and Principles, Errors and Misconceptions"

1st row, L-R: Yasuo Amemiya, Lyle Jones, John Nesselroade, Darrell Bock, Michael Browne, Irini Moustaki;
2nd row, L-R: Robert MacCallum, Jack McArdle, Robert Jennrich, David Bartholomew, Roger Millsap, Karl Jöreskog, John Horn, Keith Widaman, Ken Bollen, Melanie Wall